Casey Matthews Should Really Thank His Brother Clay

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Casey Matthews could not be in a better position as his brother Clay seemed to dominate every game he played in this past season.  If not for him, Casey could be looking at mid to late round value in this year’s NFL draft.  Full disclosure, I absolutely love Casey Matthews and I think he is a very good player.  He needs to put on some size but he has a terrific motor, loves to play the game and oh yeah he has terrific NFL bloodlines as his father, the original Clay Matthews, his uncle Bruce and of course his brother Clay Matthews who was in the running for defensive player of the year this past season.  Due to all of this, most important of all, how well his brother has played, Casey will in my opinion be a first to second round pick where in my opinion a player of his caliber would normally go later.  I for one think a team would be lucky to have this type of player and the one thing that could go wrong is him going too high and Casey feeling the pressure to play up to his brother’s high standard.  So at any rate, if there ends up being a lockout this upcoming year we should be able to see some fireworks at this year’s draft.


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