I am in 100% Agreement with Carson Palmer

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Chad Ocho-Johnson can talk all he wants about how the media should be killing Carson Palmer like they crucified him, but it is a much different scenario.  Carson Palmer, who I won’t really back up his football playing lately, has tried to help steer the organization down the right path.  He has never really come out and bashed the Bengal organization, notoriously cheap and a constant punchline for yours truly, or its head coach Marvin Lewis, who for some reason still has a job despited being known for his defensive coaching skills and giving up way too many points during his tenure.  Now, Palmer has simply come out and said enough is enough, let me move on .  The Bengals organization, who in my opinion should let him go, have stated that they will not trade him.  Why not?  You aren’t winning with him and nothing else has really changed, why not just blow everything up and start over?  The perfect scenario would have been to fire Lewis and hire a John Fox type, trade Palmer and get younger through the draft and, oh yeah stop being a bunch of cheap pricks and hire more scouts and a general manager.  Maybe then you wouldn’t have to rely on thugs and criminals falling in the draft and crossing your fingers hoping it works out.  Peace I’m out.


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