If you have read my blog before you would understand the title right off the bat as I am constant berating the Bengal organization and have also previously mentioned my thoughts that Cam Newton is being drafted too high.  In Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft, he has the Bengals drafting him at the 4th spot.  I don’t put a ton of emphasis on these guys mock draft besides Mike Mayock’s but this one struck because of the joke factor.  If the Bengals were ever to draft Newton, you might as well put him in the Jamarcus Russell/Ryan Leaf category.  Cam Newton needs to be drafted lower and to a team that would not need him to play right away.  This is not the guy you would want to see fail because I think he would go in the tank fairly quickly because of his ego.  This kid has never failed as he has played 2 years of college ball where he won the Junior College national championship in 2009 and this past season brought Auburn to the national championship and won.
Don’t get me wrong there would be plenty of material for me if he does go there but I truly want to see what this kid can do in the future when brought into the league properly.  Oh on a quick side note, Mel Kiper has Blaine Gabbert going number one in the draft.  Once again, I don’t put a ton of stock into these mock drafts but somebody(me) mentioned that he would go number one long before any of these draft experts, so if it happens expect a little bit of boasting since I don’t have any of the connections or experience these guys do.  If you want to see that post it is right here.



Chad Ocho-Johnson can talk all he wants about how the media should be killing Carson Palmer like they crucified him, but it is a much different scenario.  Carson Palmer, who I won’t really back up his football playing lately, has tried to help steer the organization down the right path.  He has never really come out and bashed the Bengal organization, notoriously cheap and a constant punchline for yours truly, or its head coach Marvin Lewis, who for some reason still has a job despited being known for his defensive coaching skills and giving up way too many points during his tenure.  Now, Palmer has simply come out and said enough is enough, let me move on .  The Bengals organization, who in my opinion should let him go, have stated that they will not trade him.  Why not?  You aren’t winning with him and nothing else has really changed, why not just blow everything up and start over?  The perfect scenario would have been to fire Lewis and hire a John Fox type, trade Palmer and get younger through the draft and, oh yeah stop being a bunch of cheap pricks and hire more scouts and a general manager.  Maybe then you wouldn’t have to rely on thugs and criminals falling in the draft and crossing your fingers hoping it works out.  Peace I’m out.

Casey Matthews could not be in a better position as his brother Clay seemed to dominate every game he played in this past season.  If not for him, Casey could be looking at mid to late round value in this year’s NFL draft.  Full disclosure, I absolutely love Casey Matthews and I think he is a very good player.  He needs to put on some size but he has a terrific motor, loves to play the game and oh yeah he has terrific NFL bloodlines as his father, the original Clay Matthews, his uncle Bruce and of course his brother Clay Matthews who was in the running for defensive player of the year this past season.  Due to all of this, most important of all, how well his brother has played, Casey will in my opinion be a first to second round pick where in my opinion a player of his caliber would normally go later.  I for one think a team would be lucky to have this type of player and the one thing that could go wrong is him going too high and Casey feeling the pressure to play up to his brother’s high standard.  So at any rate, if there ends up being a lockout this upcoming year we should be able to see some fireworks at this year’s draft.

Free agent safety Bob Sanders (Photo from Americaswhiteboy.blogspot.com)

Bob Sanders, who possibly could have starred opposite Bruce Willis in the movie Unbreakable as Mr. Glass, could make some defense a lot better at probably a decent price.  I would like to believe after only playing the majority of one season out of the last 4 or 5 his rate would not be that high.  In this day and age, you just never know what to expect out of the NFL players and their agents.  If Sanders could become healthy, which seems like the big question, he could make a defense much better instantly.  When on his game, he is a top 5 safety and a game changer.  As much as I understand the Colts having to let him go, it is tough to let somebody this good go.  At the tender age of 30, he has really only played in 2 full seasons so he generally has a lot of tread left on the tires.  Depending on what he is asking, he should potentially have a few suitors.  Now the main issue will be if he does get picked up, can he stay on the field or will he spend his time looking for his arch nemesis, who may have been right next to him in the Colts locker room, Peyton Manning who has never missed a game in his long illustrious career.

Prince Amukamara, a cornerback for the University of Nebraska is my favorite cornerback in this year’s draft.  The only thing that needs to be seen is if he can run with NFL wide receivers.  You might be able to get by at the college level with 4.5 speed, but that won’t work at this level no matter how good your hips are.  The draft experts like Patrick Peterson, who I think is solid, but I think he is too tall to be a great cornerback.  Much like Antonio Cromartie, tall cornerbacks have the speed and height to cover taller receivers with more straight line speed such as Randy Moss or Mike Wallace of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but have trouble covering shifty guys such as Desean Jackson of the Eagles.  One of the main reasons for this is the rapid shift in what the NFL was looking for in wide receivers.  Just a few years ago, it seemed that unless you were 6’5″ and ran at least a 4.4, you weren’t getting a look in the draft.  Now, with the success of guys like Wes Welker and Steve Smith of the Panthers, teams have been shifting back to these types, which has been a problem for taller cornerbacks.  Prince Amukamara, who is close to 6 feet, does not play as tall as Patrick Peterson and has better hips.  Peterson seems to rely mostly on his speed, which with out proper coaching could hurt at the next level.  Mark my words, if Prince can run a good forty, he could become an instant starter much like Devin McCourty of the Patriots did this past season.  Any coach would be happy to have that kind of result.

It seems to me that the Browns probably have a bit of a quarterback dilemma as new head coach Pat Shurmur comes to town.  As of right now they are looking at Colt McCoy as the probable starter with Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme as the backups.  McCoy is not the prototypical size quarterback, but I think he is a winning quarterback even at the NFL level as he definitely was at the college level, where he won more games than any other division 1 quarterback in history.  My opinion is that they should stay in this direction for at least one more year and draft at other need positions such as defensive line or even wide receiver.  If they would like to take a late round pick on a quarterback that they feel is a good value I am all for that as you never know where this will go, but I do not think they should take an early round pick and waste it on a quarterback.  Once again, just my humble opinion.

Ever since I can remember,  there has been one name that has been tied to the NFL Draft, Mel Kiper Jr.  I don’t have much of a problem with him, if I had to choose between him and young gun Todd McShay, I would choose Kiper.  At this point, I realize they are there for the entertainment factor while sprinkling in a bit of football.  If there is one guy I would want to listen to for pure football, it is Mike Mayock of the NFL Network.  This guy is a draft beast and seems to know every little tidbit about each of the draftees.  So when he says that he like Marcel Dareus over Nick Fairley and Warren Sapp, a proven entity at the same position, agrees with him I start to listen.  In my opinion so should you.